Swimming pools are simply too cold to enjoy sometimes. That is why pool heating has become so popular in recent years. Using specially designed solar panels, you can make the use of your swimming pool a more pleasurable experience.

With a properly sized pool heating system the season can be extended or even doubled, and the temperatures achieved are truly enjoyable. On average the temperature rise will be in the region of 8º C above normal pool temperatures throughout the year.


Solar pool heating panels are designed to meet the requirements of today’s need for heated swimming pools. The panels are long lasting, aesthetically pleasing, and highly efficient in their operation. Each panel is manufactured from Ultraviolet stabilized Polypropylene designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions.

How it works

Solar pool heating panels are efficient collectors of the free energy available from the sun. The panels are mounted onto the house roof or a suitable structure and clean filtered water is passed through the panels during the daytime by the existing pool pump.

The water passing through the hot panels gets heated up and is returned to the pool as at a higher temperature. This process is repeated over and over until the swimming pool reaches the desired temperature.

Sizing the system

Sizing of a swimming pool heating system depends on the size of the pool to be heated. The larger the pool the larger the heating area required and consequently the larger the number of panels required. As a general guide the panel area should be equal to half the surface area of the pool to be heated.

About the panels used

The solar Panels used in swimming pool heating are fully compatible with all types of filtration systems including those pools using Salty water chlorinators.

Running costs

The solar heating system is engaged in the circuit for about 6 hours on any given day. They utilize the same pump as the filtration system and circuit and therefore are no additional running costs. The pool timer is programmed to operate the filtration circuit during daylight or when the sun shines.

Pool cover

Any pool that is heated should incorporate a pool cover to prevent heat loss at night-time or in cold weather conditions. We can provide these covers as a supplement to the heating system at an extra cost.


Solar pool heating systems come with a five year standard warranty, which includes all manufacturing failures. If properly installed and maintained, they should give you years of trouble free operation.

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