Evacuated tube solar water heaters are fast acting and have the highest efficiency so far of any solar water heating technology. Compared to flat plate systems, they are about 30% more efficient.

These systems are broadly categorised into two:

  • Non-pressure
  • Pressurized

The major difference between the two is that the pressurised systems can take sustained pressure from the cold water fed and deliver hot water at nearly the same pressure.

The non-pressurized systems on the other side, however, can only accept pressurised supply on the cold water inlet. Hot water is designed to flow by gravity but if required the hot water line can easily be pressurized after the solar tank.

Trusun’s evacuated tube systems are manufactured by an ISO certified facility. This guarantees superb quality control through the process.  As a standard, all the solar tanks we supply are made from food grade stainless steel. This nearly eliminates corrosion and ensures no contamination happen within the solar heater.

Through carefully designed and selected add-ons, we are able to limit mixing of cold and hot water inside the solar tank. This ensures that the available hot water is able to run for a longer duration without the temperature being lowered. The temperature is lowered any time cold water is fed into the solar tank. This is a handicap with conventional / older technologies of solar heaters.

These systems are additionally fitted with intelligent microprocessor controllers with digital displays. These among other things will show the water temperature inside the solar tank, water level and allow programming/setting of various desired operation modes.


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