Solar water heating is the process of utilizing the sun’s energy to heat water. This is made possible by solar collectors. There are two main types of solar collectors:

In any setup whether domestic, institutional or industrial, hot water is essential for daily operations. Research and application findings reveal that as much as 50% + of electricity bills paid in homes and institutions is a result of heating water. In addition, some of the methods used for water heating in some setup, for instance, using biomass are not always environmentally friendly.

Solar water heaters provide an alternative that is safe to use, pocket and environment-friendly. These systems provide hot water on demand and throughout the year. Backup heating that is intelligently controlled in incorporated in many solar heaters to ensure hot water availability during cold or overcast days.

A solar heater has an average service life of about twenty years. When well designed, installed and in some instances properly maintained, it will give you years of trouble free operation.

All our solar heaters come with standard five years guarantee.

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