As the name suggests these systems provide power in the event of mains/primary power failure.

They operate in a way that they provide automatic and seamless connection to the backup power source. In most instances an inverter charger is used. It charges a battery bank in the presence of mains/primary power source and switches to battery power for backup when mains fail.

Application & Availability

These systems can be used in homes, offices, telecom and data sites as well as industries.

We have an impressive catalogue of power backup inverters ranging from 0.5kW up to 12kW. Inverters can be combined  (stacking) for systems with power requirements of more than 12kW. We use only the highest quality components that ensure great perfomance and reliability. Major brands in our catalogue include: MUST, Tripp.lite and Outback. For these systems to perform optimally, high quality batteries (e.g Gaston, Surrette) must be used.





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