Hybrid systems are key to ensuring reliability and stability of power as well as continuity of operation in down time sensitive applications.They are designed from a combination of different sources of power depending on requirements and site conditions. Special regulators are used to interface the various sources and prioritize one over the other.

(see regulators)

The most common system combinations include Solar PV , Wind generators, Diesel generators and Grid Power.

Making a hybrid system ensures that your operations are unaffected regardless of power failures and instability. In advanced designs and installations, it is possible to incorporate remote monitoring. This makes it possible to observe how the power system is performing at any particular period. Additionally, it is possible to make changes to crucial settings in the system to alter its operation without going to the site. This drastically cuts on the associated maintenance and monitoring costs. In most cases, the components used in these systems will be capable of data logging. This, in essence, keeps detailed and predetermined records on the overall system performance for a duration of time depending on the capacity of the data logger itself.

Depending on your needs, we can design, configure and install a hybrid system that will optimally serve you.

These systems can be used in homes, offices, Telecoms sites as well as industries.

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