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Solar Electricity

This technology uses photo (light) sensitive cells to generate electricity. Many photo cells are used together to make a solar panel. For this technology to work, the following components must be used in combination. Charge regulators: Help to charge and discharge the battery in a controlled manner.


Solar Water Heating

This is a technology that uses the sun's radiant energy to heat water. In Kenya and most of Africa, light and heat resources from the sun are very well distributed throughout the year. In Kenya for instance, we have very good levels of sunshine for around ten months per year. This accounts for slightly above 80% of the time. Effective harnessing and efficient use of the sun's energy...


Power Backup Systems

Description As the name suggests these systems provide power in the event of mains/primary power failure. They operate in a way that they provide automatic and seamless connection to the backup power source. In most instances an inverter charger is used. It charges a battery bank in the presence of mains/primary power source and switches to battery power for backup when mains fail. Application Availability These systems can be used in homes,...


Solar Water Pumping

Water and clean water at that is an irreplaceable resource of our day to day living. Depending on location and accessibility, there are numerous challenges encountered in delivering it to the point of use. In rural areas and most arid and semi arid areas, boreholes and wells are an important source of water. The average depth of a well is around 30m while that of a borehole is about 150m. There...


Solar Street Lighting

In principle, these systems are no different from Solar Home Systems (SHS). The only variation is the use of specially designed solar char ge regulators with night light function. This function allows the regulator to recognize day and night by some preset algorithms as well site specific data. In its simplicity, the night light function commands the regulator to put the light on at night and off at dawn. However,...


Hybrid Systems

Hybrid systems are key to ensuring reliability and stability of power as well as continuity of operation in down time sensitive applications.They are designed from a combination of different sources of power depending on requirements and site conditions. Special regulators are used to interface the various sources and prioritize one over the other.


Wind Generators

A wind turbine/ generator is a rotating machine which converts the energy in wind into mechanical energy. If the mechanical energy is used directly by machinery, such as pump, the machine is usually referred as a windmill. If the mechanical energy is then converted to electricity., the machine is referred to as a wind generator. If you stay in an area that experiences average continuous wind speed of 3m/s - 6m/s,...


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